• 1.5" Concealed Carry Black Nylon Strap

1.5" Concealed Carry Black Nylon Strap


Attention: 1.5" Straps are only compatible with our 1.5" Buckles.

With Micradjust Technology®

Made with a Nylon front and micro-fiber backing.

Made with a tactical grade nylon this strap is built to last.  Our concealed carry strap features a poly-core insert for added structure.  We went with a micro-fiber backing because it is more scratch and sweat resistant than genuine leather and ultimately more durable over time.  

Since all of our Anson straps fit pant sizes up to 50", you don't need to choose a size. As long as you or the recipient wears a size 50" pant or less you will be able to size this belt to your waist. You simply cut the excess leather from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle. This way it fits YOUR exact waist, with no guessing.

Width of Strap: Our 1.5" collection straps are 2/16th shy of 1.5" wide.

  • Poly-core insert for structure
  • The perfect for concealed carry 
  • Tactical Nylon front/ Micro-fiber backing
  • Fits 1.5" Anson Buckles only

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