You might think that a belt is a pretty insignificant aspect to your outfit. It’s just something you tie around your waist to keep your pants from falling down, right? Well, that’s true. But it’s also much more than that. A belt’s impact shouldn’t be underestimated, as it ultimately ties your overall look together. If you get it right, you’ll effortlessly add the finishing touch of style to all your outfits.

But beyond the fashion factor, a belt should be high quality and practical. Here at Anson Belt & Buckle, we manage to thread style and substance together perfectly with our diverse range of ratchet belts. Tired of having to pierce holes in your belt to make it fit right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. By losing the holes entirely in our sleek belt designs, we’ve made life so much easier for you. And that’s just the start.


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Five holes one inch apart? Surely the belt design has moved on since then. At Anson it has. Our micro-adjustability design offers over 30+ options spaced one-quarter of an inch apart. That way you can enjoy a perfect fit, every time.


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Tired of your belt? No problem. Because our buckles and straps are detachable, you have the power to assemble any belt you can imagine. Choose from our Build-a-Belt section or Box Sets to create your own masterpiece.


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No matter your size, every Anson belt will fit. This is because all our belt straps fit waist sizes from 16 up to 50 inches. When your belt arrives, simply snip away any excess material from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle.


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We believe a belt is for life, and for your trousers. Which is why we stand behind the quality of our belts with a lifetime guarantee. If anything ever happens to the functionality of your belt, we’ll repair or replace it for as long as you have it.


As a father-son run family business, we take pride in our products and are dedicated to making every Anson customer’s experience as easy and satisfying as possible. We are always here for customer support and more than happy to answer any questions.

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