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LIAM S.Verified Buyer
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Absolutely fantastic! The belts are so comfortable and unlike any I’ve ever worn. The fit is amazing and the leather quality looks and feels brilliant! I must admit I was skeptical about how well they’d hold together being interchangeable buckles but I’ve not had a single issue at all! The customer service was fantastic as well! Not long after my purchase, I received a thank you gift voucher which brought me back to purchase an extra strap! I will absolutely be coming back to Anson Belt for any belt purchases!
JOEY P.Verified Buyer
Out of all the belts I've used in my life. This belt has been the most comfortable and best fitting belt I've ever purchased. The quality is for sure there.
IGOR M.Verified Buyer
Just pure awesome
These belts are absolute perfection. The leather, the construction, the buckles and the general looks punches well above it's weight. I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially anyone that has to wear a belt daily.
What Is An Anson Belt?
An Anson Belt is a micro-adjustable, hole-less belt. Instead of 5 holes 1" apart as in the case of most belts, an Anson Belt has 30+ options ¼" apart, always giving you the perfect fit. These 30+ sizing increments, or micro-adjustments are enabled due to a ratchet style track system intricately sewn into the back of the strap. The unique Anson buckle has an auto-locking mechanism that catches on the "teeth" of the track system as the strap slides through the buckle. This allows for 30+ precise sizing options always giving you the perfect fit. All Anson Belts come in an extra long length of 56" inches, comfortably fitting up to a 50" waist. If a smaller size is needed, simply follow the instructions included with your order and "trim-to-fit" to the desired length.

What is an Anson Belt from Anson Belt & Buckle on Vimeo.

What kind of leather do you use?
In 2015 we transitioned all of our leather belt fronts to premium Full Grain leather (minus the Faux Crocs. and Microfibers). Full Grain leather is the most durable and strongest of leathers. Full Grain comes from the very top layer of the hide, just below the hair, and contains all of the tightly packed grain. This is the highest-grade leather available to us, and even though our cost has increased our prices have remained the same. All of our formal Anson Belt backs are made of genuine leather. Our Vegetable Tanned leathers have a split grain leather backing. The Nylon's, Canvas, and Cloth all feature a microfiber backing for its durability and resiliency to scratching and cracking, as well as being vegan.
What are your buckles made of?
The base metal of our buckles is a Zinc alloy. That means that it’s mostly Zinc (95%), with 3-4% Aluminum and a mixture of other metals making up the remainder.
Are your buckles interchangeable?
All Anson buckles and straps of the same size are interchangeable. For example, all 35mm (1.25") buckles and straps are interchangeable with each other, as are the 40mm (1.5") buckles/straps. However, a 35mm buckle/strap is not interchangeable with a 40mm buckle/strap.

Mix and Match from Anson Belt & Buckle on Vimeo.

Do your buckles contain nickel?
Yes, just about all of our buckles contain nickel-plating, except for our "nickel free" option that you can find here.
How do you size your Anson Belt?
Each Anson Belt comes in an extra long length of 56", comfortably fitting up to a 50" waist without having to size. If a smaller size is needed, you can easily "trim-to-fit" any size you need. There will be instructions included with your order showing you exactly how to size your Anson Belt. In a nutshell though, you will just need to follow these easy steps... • Try on your Anson Belt by looping through your belts holes as you would normally wear it. • Measure how much excess leather you will need to trim to accommodate a desired fit. • Remove the belt from your waist, and detach the buckle from the strap. • With a regular pair of scissors, trim the length that you measured from the raw end of the strap that attaches to the buckle. • Re-attach the buckle and try back on around your waist. Repeat if needed. *Note- it’s always best to cut less than you think at first, as you can always trim more if needed!

How do you size your Anson Belt? from Anson Belt & Buckle on Vimeo.

What is the largest size strap you offer?
All Anson straps come in a extra long length of 55". This will accommodate a comfortable fit for someone wearing up to a 50" pant size without having to size the strap. If a smaller size is needed you are able to trim to any desired length.
I purchased a Gift Card, how will I receive it?
All Anson Gift Cards will be emailed to you electronically after checkout. You can either print the email with the gift card code to gift to someone, or just pass along the code itself. If you or your recipient have any questions or trouble with their Gift Cards please contact us as support@ansonbelt.com.
Are your widths EXACTLY 1.25" and 1.5"?
No, most factories use the metric system; therefore, the "industry standard" for 1.25" and 1.5" straps are just shy of that mark. Our 1.25" straps are actually 30mm (1.18") Our 1.5" straps are actually 35mm (1.38") We simply say 1.25" and 1.5" because it is more understandable to the customer base that is familiar with the Imperial system rather than Metric.
Do you ship Internationally?
YES! We have shipped to over 200+ countries all over the world over the years. We offer international shipping via the USPS and UPS. The least expensive option is going to be the USPS and they will use your local postal authority to make the final delivery. That method works surprisingly well and we are always here to help our international customers with receiving their order. You can see the cost of shipping internationally for your country by going through the motions of checking out. The shipping cost will be displayed just before final checkout. The cost of shipping is determined by the weight of the package. If you have any questions or concerns regarding international shipping please don't hesitate to reach out, we're always here to help.
Do you ever offer discount codes?
A few years back we decided to do away with discount codes altogether. We opted to offer free shipping on ALL U.S. orders, as well as offer a Gift Box option that essentially gives you a free buckle/strap or 25% off depending how you look at it. We also felt like it just wasn’t fair to our customers that were missing out on the discount, or had just purchased days before the discount.
How do I change or cancel my order?
How do I change or cancel my order? We have extremely fast shipping. Usually, within the same day if payment is received before 3:00 EST Mon-Fri. To cancel or change an order, please email us at support@ansonbelt.com to ensure we do not ship the order. If the order was placed more than 24 hours ago, it's likely that your order has shipped already. Please contact us for return instructions. Once your return has been received, we will credit the method of payment used to purchase the order.
What is your return policy?
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee; we just want you to be happy, it’s that simple. If at anytime you are not completely satisfied with your Anson Belt, you are more than welcome to return the item(s) for a refund. Please contact us at support@ansonbelt.com to begin the return process. Once your return has been authorized, you will be advised to mail the item(s) back to us along with any customer service correspondence at: Anson Belt & Buckle, 412 Front Street Suite 202, Beaufort, NC 28516 You may use the same packaging it arrived in, or you may use any other box or padded envelope. If we have made a mistake on your order, we cover all shipping costs for returns; otherwise you will be responsible for paying all shipping costs associated with returning the item. We will refund you as soon as we receive your item, and the credit will automatically be applied to your original method of payment. Shipping costs if applicable are non-refundable.
What is your exchange policy?
We offer exchanges within the U.S. for any problems that may come up when you first receive your belt or buckle. These issues include: us accidentally shipping you the wrong product (it’s rare, but mistakes happen), product defects and if you received the order and just decide it’s not for you. To exchange your product please contact us at support@ansonbelt.com and we would be happy to help you.
How do I exchange an item?
To exchange an item please email us at support@ansonbelt.com with the following information. Order # Your order number can be located in the order confirmation email that was sent once you completed your purchase. Orders placed on AnsonBelt.com should be a 5 digit number: XXXXX Orders purchased on Amazon.com should be a number formatted like this: XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX If you DO NOT have an order number or the item was a gift, please submit the full name and city of residence of who purchased the item instead. The item you would like to exchange. For leathers, please supply the color of the leather. Example: Chocolate Leather. For buckles, please supply the name of the buckle you are exchanging. Example: Traditional in Gunmetal buckle. Item you would like to exchange for. Please let us know which item you would like to have sent back to you in exchange for your return. Please also be sure to include the information above with your return. If you don’t have all of the information above don’t worry, just email us at support@ansonbelt.com and we’ll be happy to help. Following the above guidelines just assures us we can get you back in your Anson Belt as soon as possible.
What is your warranty/guarantee?
We have a Lifetime Guarantee on the functionality of all of our products sold within the U.S. This means that if your Anson Belt ever quits functioning then we will repair or replace it for free for the life that you own it. No strings, no fine print, just a quality product backed by the owners themselves. If the belt was purchased outside the U.S please contact us at support@ansonbelt.com to work out a solution. We promise to still take care of you one way or another.
Can I purchase a mixed width Box Set (1.25" & 1.5")?
Due to the EVA foam inserts in our new packaging, unfortunately we aren't able to offer mixed width box sets packaged together. However, if you purchase 2 complete belts and add a 5th piece to your order ($124.98, international shipping not included if applicable), we will be happy to refund you the additional $24.99 to get the order down to the cost of a box set ($99.99, international shipping not included if applicable). Just be sure to email the order number over to support@ansonbelt.com or you can give us a call at 843-409-4030 and we'll be happy to help.