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What People Are Saying About Us

LIAM S.Verified Buyer
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Absolutely fantastic! The belts are so comfortable and unlike any I’ve ever worn. The fit is amazing and the leather quality looks and feels brilliant! I must admit I was skeptical about how well they’d hold together being interchangeable buckles but I’ve not had a single issue at all! The customer service was fantastic as well! Not long after my purchase, I received a thank you gift voucher which brought me back to purchase an extra strap! I will absolutely be coming back to Anson Belt for any belt purchases!
JOEY P.Verified Buyer
Out of all the belts I've used in my life. This belt has been the most comfortable and best fitting belt I've ever purchased. The quality is for sure there.
IGOR M.Verified Buyer
Just pure awesome
These belts are absolute perfection. The leather, the construction, the buckles and the general looks punches well above it's weight. I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially anyone that has to wear a belt daily.

Belt Technology

What makes an Anson Belt, a better belt?


    Instead of having five choices spaced one inch apart, an Anson belt provides 25-plus choices spaced one-quarter of an inch apart. Thanks to this Micradjust Technology®, you will enjoy a perfect fit every time you wear your belt.

  2. One size fits nearly all

    Because every Anson belt strap will fit waist sizes up to 50 inches there is no need to choose a size. Upon receiving your belt, use ordinary scissors to simply trim any excess material from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle. This way, the belt is perfectly sized to fit you or your gift recipient’s exact measurement—no guesswork required.

  3. Mix-and-Match

    Using our detachable buckles, our popular gift set ($99.95) of two straps and three buckles (or three straps and two buckles) transforms into six completely different belts. If you decide to add a new buckle or strap to your collection, the possibilities quickly add up. The gift set also includes fast and free shipping within the USA and attractive gift packaging. Six belts for under $100 dollars is a great place to get yourself or someone else started with the comfort and versatility of Anson belts.

  4. No holes. no hassles.

    Have you ever noticed how much abuse a belt takes from a traditional buckle? Worn holes, buckle lines, creased leather and other unsightly signs of fatigue are problems that plague conventional straps. Anson’s micro-adjustable belt offers a perfect and secure fit with no pulling, stretching or tearing, which keeps the belt looking sharp and clean—and you along with it.


  5. Easy adjustment

    Have you ever pushed away from the dinner table feeling a little snug around the waist? With Micradjust Technology®, all you have to do is touch the low-profile adjustment lever and your belt relaxes in quarter-inch increments. Or, if you lose a few pounds or switch to lighter fabric pants and want to tighten things up a bit, just push the strap through the buckle until it clicks to the perfect fit.

  6. Easy on and off

    A micro-adjusting belt is no harder to put on or take off than one with holes (and it will stay looking good no matter how often you use it). In fact, releasing an Anson buckle only takes a second—that’s even faster than a traditional buckle.

  7. The perfect gift

    Every man needs a belt and every man will wear a belt—this is the gift he will use. Since our straps adjust to fit waist sizes up to 50 inches, you don’t need to know your recipient’s size to order an Anson belt as a gift. Thanks to Micradjust Technology®, the fit will be perfect; thanks to our mix-and-match buckles, the style will be too. For Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion, an Anson belt is the perfect gift for any man.

  8. Lifetime Guarantee

    At Anson Belt & Buckle, we stand behind the quality of our products with a Lifetime Guarantee. If anything ever happens to the functionality of your Anson Belt we will repair or replace it for the life that you have it.  There's no fine print or a catch, we just want you to always be able to wear your Anson Belt.