The Traditional in Gunmetal has arrived!

The day has finally arrived, the Traditional in Gunmetal buckle is now available! From the first day I saw the sample of the "Classic in Gunmetal" I instantly wanted to see what the "Traditional" would look like in a gunmetal finish. I knew I would love it, and I was right! It is by far my favorite buckle we have released to date. What I love is the versatility. You can wear it with jeans, khakis, even a black suit. The gunmetal finish is resistant to scratches and fingerprints are non-existent. If you or someone you know already has an Anson Belt, it's always nice to add to the collection. All you have to do is purchase an individual buckle to have a completely new belt (by using your existing strap). We look forward to continually adding new designs and finishes to our line. Stay tuned to see what's next!


David Ferree

Anson Belt & Buckle

Vice President / Co-founder

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Gentlemen, please, please, please come out with a gold classic buckle. Military Vets would love them. Thanks.

Bill Blasser

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