At Anson Belt & Buckle we always strive to bring the best buying experience possible to our customers with every purchase. That is why we have made a complete overhaul and renovation to We’re certain that the new layout will be easier to navigate and a more enjoyable interface for our customers. Too often, with the previous site, I would receive emails asking questions such as "do you sell individual straps?" or "I can't seem to find the Onyx online..." This was discouraging to hear, and I knew that something had to be done. For the past two months we’ve worked to re-design our site. We are proud to announce that we’re finally launching our new look and feel and have officially opened our doors to you! 

With our re-design, we have also added an exciting feature that allows you to "build" your own Gift Box! You simply go to the "Gift Box" page, select three buckles by checking the boxes next to their pictures, and then select two straps by doing the same. Next, you just click "add to cart,"—it's that easy! If you don't know exactly which combinations to choose from, we have four popular suggestions that may help you decide.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you enjoy the all new!

David Ferree
Anson Belt & Buckle
Vice President  / Co-founder