Frank Ferree

Shortly after returning home from a trip to Asia with my daughter in June of 2006, I began the dreaded task of unpacking. One of the first things I came across was one of the last things I’d purchased: a strange new belt without any holes. After quickly and easily sizing my strap according to the instructions, I slid my new "micro-adjustable" belt around my waist and adjusted it to an absolutely perfect fit. I thought to myself, where have you been all my life?!

Like every other man I’ve ever known, I've always worn a traditional belt with five holes punched in the strap spaced one inch apart. That's five choices in four inches. I can't tell you how many times I fastened my belt in one hole and felt it was too loose, only to take it in an inch to the next hole to find it was too tight. Or vice versa. How I'd wished there was another hole in between. I'm also guilty of creating new holes in my belt with an ice pick, nail, or even a knife when I lost enough weight to put me in the “no man’s land” beyond the last hole.

Now, here I was wearing a belt with a buckling mechanism that offered me 30 choices, spaced one-quarter of an inch apart, covering almost 8 inches. I could hardly believe the "perfect fit" this belt afforded me. And to top it off, this belt came with the ability to mix-and-match buckles!

I immediately began to search for other belts like this that I could add to my collection. I checked every website and belt outlet imaginable. I called friends and family all over the country and asked them to check out their local men's clothing stores. Nowhere could I find another belt like the one I had brought home from Asia.

It was an opportunity too good to pass up (plus I wanted more of these belts for myself!) so I decided to create Anson Belt & Buckle Company. With the help of my son, David, I worked to research, redesign, and perfect this product. After almost four years of consultation with attorneys, engineers, importers, web designers and marketers, we proudly launched Anson Belt & Buckle Company.