No More Socks: Dad Deserves Better This Father's Day

Father's Day, ditch the socks and ties. Show Dad you care with an Anson Belt, the gift of everyday comfort and timeless style. Our micro-adjustable belts ensure a perfect fit every time, while premium materials guarantee long-lasting quality. Choose from a variety of styles to match his wardrobe, making Anson Belts the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.

Why Anson Is The Only Belt He Needs

Anson belts feature micro-adjustable closures for a perfect fit.

Anson belts are made of high-quality materials for durability.

Anson belts come in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Anson belts are easy to use with a user-friendly design.

Dad Deserves More Than Just a Tie: Give Him the Gift of Confidence with an Anson Belt

What Dad Really Wants:

Dads juggle a lot. Work, family, life - it can all add up. That's why comfort and quality matter. Traditional belts with limited sizing can be frustrating, leading to uncomfortable pinches or loose hangs. Anson Belts offer a perfect fit, every time.

Effortless Style He'll Appreciate:

No more struggling with belts that don't adjust just right. Anson's micro-adjustable closure eliminates the hassle, allowing Dad to achieve a comfortable, confident fit in seconds. Plus, our belts are crafted from premium materials built to last, so he can enjoy them for years to come.

A Gift That Says You Care:

Skip the generic gifts this Father's Day. Show Dad you care about his comfort and style with an Anson Belt. It's a thoughtful and practical present he'll use and appreciate every day. With a variety of styles to choose from, there's an Anson Belt for every Dad's taste.

“The concept of micro-adjustable belts has been around for ages. Yet somehow, most people, including us, were unfamiliar with the benefits: perfect fit, mix-and-match buckles, easily adjusted, no holes to show wear or creases over time.”

David Ferree


Husbands Favorite Belts!

These belts are great! I bought one for my husband 2 years ago and he is up to 8! The quality and style are amazing. I know there will be more belts to come! Thank you Anson!

Annie O.

Great belt

I've only had my belt for a few weeks but so far it has worked very well. Costumer service and shipping were very good as well. My favorite was the email right after my purchase. I laughed for a while with that one.

Jeremiah B.

Great products all around

After testing out my first belt for 6 months, I've bought myself the entire collection (blue, black, white, brown) and a nifty hanger to store them uncoiled. Everything from customizability to quality to shipping was exactly as advertised.

justin w.


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What is an Anson Belt?

An Anson Belt is a micro-adjustable, hole-less belt. Instead of 5 holes 1" apart as in the case of most belts, an Anson Belt has 30+ options ¼" apart, always giving you the perfect fit. These 30+ sizing increments, or micro-adjustments are enabled due to a ratchet style track system intricately sewn into the back of the strap. The unique Anson buckle has an auto-locking mechanism that catches on the "teeth" of the track system as the strap slides through the buckle. This allows for 30+ precise sizing options always giving you the perfect fit. All Anson Belts come in an extra long length of 56" inches, comfortably fitting up to a 50" waist. If a smaller size is needed, simply follow the instructions included with your order and "trim-to-fit" to the desired length.

What is an Anson Belt from Anson Belt & Buckle on Vimeo.

What kind of leather do you use?

In 2015 we transitioned all of our formal leather belt fronts to premium full grain leather. Even though our cost increased our prices remained the same. Full grain leather is the most durable and strongest of leathers. Full grain comes from the very top layer of the hide, just below the hair, and contains all of the tightly packed grain. All of our formal Anson Belt backs are made of genuine leather.
Our Vegetable Tanned “casual” leathers have a full grain leather front and split grain leather backing. Our Italian Calfskin straps are handmade in the USA with an Italian Calfskin front and a full grain saddle leather back.
The Nylon's, Canvas, and Cloth all feature a microfiber backing for its durability and resiliency to scratching and cracking, as well as being vegan.

What are your buckles made of?

The base metal of our buckles is a Zinc alloy. That means that it’s mostly Zinc (95%), with 3-4% Aluminum and a mixture of other metals making up the remainder.

Are your buckles interchangeable?

All Anson buckles and straps of the same size are interchangeable. For example, all 1.25" buckles and straps are interchangeable with each other, as are the 1.5" buckles/straps.

Mix and Match from Anson Belt & Buckle on Vimeo.

Do your buckle contain nickel?

Yes, just about all of our buckles contain nickel-plating, except for our "nickel free" option that you can find here.