Anson Belt & Buckle team up with the Armstrong & Getty Show!

We are proud to announce that today (5/6/13) is the first official day of what promises to be a long and lasting relationship between Anson Belt & Buckle and the morning show legends from northern California: Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty! “Armstrong & Getty” is a morning drive show airing in northern California on several Clear Channel radio stations. The call-in format talk show is a mixture of political commentary, observations on both local and national news and reflections on social issues presented with humor. Our endorsement ad will be airing beginning this week, and then every other week moving forward.

We believe that the partnership will be beneficial to all involved. We will get great exposure on a national level with the A&G show broadcasting not only in CA, but the rest of the country through iHeart Radio (TALK 650 KSTE) and their popular podcast. What do Joe and Jack get out of it, you might ask? Well they have now been introduced to the last belt they'll ever want to wear or need to purchase; sounds like a pretty good deal!

One of the big pushes that Joe and Jack are going to make to their listeners is that an Anson Belt makes a great gift idea for Fathers Day. Dad is always impossible to shop for, mainly because if he wants something, he goes out and buys it! Well, what if he didn't know that he wanted it; what if he didn't even know that it existed. That's what's so great about giving an Anson Belt as a gift, every man needs one and most don't even know it exists! Another great reason an Anson Belt is a great gift is because you don't need to know the recipient’s exact size! Since all of our Anson straps fit pant sizes up to 50 inches, you don't need to choose a size. The recipient simply cuts the excess leather from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle. This way, it fits their exact waist—no guessing. If needed, XXL straps fitting pant sizes up to 55" inches are available in Light Brown by request (use the special instructions form at checkout).

You can tune into the “Armstrong & Getty Show” live if you live in northern California on TALK KSTE 650 from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. PST, weekdays. If, like us, you're located in another part of the country, you'll have to tune into iHeart Radio (TALK KSTE 650) from 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. PST, or catch them at anytime on their podcast! We look forward to hearing from A&G listeners: feel free to contact me personally with any questions about our products, and be sure to let us know that Joe and Jack sent you!



David Ferree
Co-founder/ Vice President
Anson Belt & Buckle

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I am in Sacramento, A&G’s home market, and my wife and I are huge fans of Joe & Jack. I heard the ads starting on Father’s Day, and wanted to order. My wife said hold off, and for Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me a gift set. The products is ‘as advertised’, and other than me not following advise and cutting my first strap too short, it is a wonderful belt. I am shopping for a few new straps and a buckle now.

So, here is one FAG who is a believer! To you non-listeners of A&G, that is not a slur. Listen in and you too can be a FAG.


Your relationship with A&G works! I am coordinating with the siblings to get Dad a set for Father’s Day…for the many who can buy anything for himself. I hope to buy a set for my husband also, since he is constantly being disappointed by the quality of belts he gets at the store. A lifetime guarantee? How can you beat that?!


I’m a huge fan of A&G and the second day I heard them talking about how great the product is, I bought myself a gift set!

Keith in Sacramento

I would have never found or even thought to look for your site and product, if it weren’t for Armstrong and Getty.


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