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"The Woodsman" Gift Box (1.5")

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With Micradjust Technology® (see how)

Whether it's in the woods, or the backyard with the boys, the Woodsman Gift Box is every outdoorsman's perfect gift.

The three straps included are...

1.) Camo Canvas. Our Camo canvas strap features a cotton blend camo patterned front, with a micro-fiber backing. It also features a "spine" in the middle, for added rigidity.

2.) Black Invincibelt in Camo. Our Invincibelts feature a polyester webbing with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating that gives it a soft, rubber-like feel, making it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and weldable. The texture in this strap has a camo pattern embossed into the strap that changes depending on the direction light hits it. Being able to be wiped clean, this strap not only looks good before it goes into the woods, but it still will after.

3.) Brown Nylon.  Made with a polyester-nylon front, this ridged strap has a lot of texture to it, giving it a very tactical feel.  It comes with a micro-fiber backing, for added durability and features a piece of polyethylene core for added stability. It's as tough as nails, and ridged enough to support concealed carry.  

The two buckles included are...

1.) Traditional in Gunmetal.  This matte gray gunmetal is one of our absolute best sellers, mainly because it goes with any of our straps.

2.) Traditional in Black.  This black buckle pairs well with all three straps. 

These straps and buckles will work great with any of your existing 1.5" Anson straps/buckles.

Since all Anson straps fit pant sizes up to 50" (excluding Premier straps), you don't need to choose a size.

As long as you or the recipient wears a size 50" pant or less you will be able to size this belt to your waist.

You simply cut the excess from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle.

This way it fits YOUR exact waist, with no guessing. (see how)

Width of Strap:  All of our 1.5" collection straps have an actual width of 1.375". 

  • The Camo Canvas features a cotton-blend canvas front with a micro-fiber backing for durability. The added "spine" in the middle gives it extra rigidity.  
  • The Black Invincibelt in Camo features a polyester webbing with a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating making it super durable and scratch/wear resistant. Being scratch and wear resistant this strap is ideal for CCW-EDC use.
  • Brown Nylon is made with a polyester nylon material, with a micro-fiber backing. It also features a polyethylene core for added stability.